REinstall Everything Nuendo 13 ? or keep all other stuff from N12?

Shall I delete everything from Nuendo 12 and start all over? OR…
Can I keep all third party plugins and Nuendos software synths,?

Keep N 12 While I testing N 13? What is the safest way to proceed?

When I deleted N 11 there is still a folder in appdata roaming…
Someone, please help?

Happy new year, Micke.

Just install N13, all your preferences and everything will be pulled from N12 (assuming nothing goes wrong). If you decide N13 is working out for you and you have no need to go back to N12, feel free to uninstall N12.


Just back up your system and then install. In my opinion there’s usually no need to delete the old version. I keep mine installed just in case. I might have three versions installed right now come to think of it.


Ok! Great. Thanks for your replies!

‘That was so little so’…


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I generally agree with the “just install it” sentiment, but I’ll just add that occasionally I do a complete wipe of my DAW machines and start completely from a clean slate, from bare metal on up.

My current time frame is about every two years, but it varies based on how rock solid the DAW is, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. If I let a DAW go without a “clean slate” wipe/reinstallation for too long, there will be inevitable “rot” that happens, sadly. There are a lot of factors though between OS/driver updates/issues, plugins, other apps installed, etc., that will be unique to your situation that can impact your system over time of course . If you have a relatively simple config, then you can go a lot longer.

Lastly, I also agree entirely with backups being your best friend.

Thanks all for input!