Reinstall failure for VST sound library

Cubase does not recognise my VST sound library even after I laboriously uninstalled ten or twenty Steinberg programs, including the libraries, then reinstalled Cubase 9.5. Is there a quick way of uninstalling ALL of Steinberg Cubase by the way?
What must I do, what must I uninstall, to get my sound libraries back please?

Are you sure you used the full installer (9-10gb in size) ?

I don’t know if I used the full installer, nor what size my download is as Windows explorer says the size of the file is “unspecified”.
I re-installed the full cubase 9.5 with the update using the Steinberg Download assistant. This did not solve the problem of the “not found” sound library.

I then uninstalled EVERY Steinberg entry, including libraries, in the Steinberg programs listed under windows “add or remove programs” except the Steinberg download manager. I then reinstalled Cubase 9.5.3 using the Steinberg download manager.
The problem remains: “VST sound library not found”.

How is this possible? Are there hidden Steinberg entries on my computer that I must delete? And why is there no dedicated uninstall for Cubase? Must I reinstall Windows? This is terrible.

SOLVED: (it seems)

It isn’t enought to reinstall the entire Steinberg Cubase package to fix the “VST sound library not found” problem.

When Cubase asks you to ignore or remove the VST libraries that aren’t found (see attachment) select REMOVE.
Then uninstall all the Steinberg programs except the Steinberg Download Assistant and reinstall the lot.

Seems to work.