Reinstall failure

Hello. I’ve been loving Cubase 6.5 and the new synths. Sadly, my boot drive crashed the other day and I had to re-do everything. My old system was Windows 7 32-bit. But, I decided it was worth getting some more RAM (now have 8 GB) and moving to Windows 7 64-bit. (Home Premium.)

I have Cubase 6 on disk. So, I reinstalled that. I didn’t think about doing anything to the USB fob. When I tried to enter the key, it shows Cubase 6.5 in the eLicenser. I try to enter the original key that came with my disc package and it won’t recognize it. I try to run the 6.5 upgrade and get an error that it already exists and must be uninstalled.

Not what sure to do. I thought I could remove the 6.5 key and re-enter the v6 key. Then run the 6.5 upgrade… but, I can’t figure out how to do it.

Tried to search for a solution, but “reinstall”, “re-install”, with various other keywords like “failure”, “problem”, etc. didn’t seem to come up with anything. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.
T. Parker
Gulfport, MS, USA

Intel Core-2 Duo
Windows 7 64-bit with all updates as of 11/11/2012

Dear Rekrapt,

you don’t have to reenter the activation code, you just have to install the latest eLC ( and latest Cubase updates ( plug the USB-eLicenser to your computer and start working.


That did the trick!!! A billion thanks! I was kinda freaked out! :smiley: