Reinstall Halion Symphonic Orchestra

I’ve reinstalled Cubase on a new computer and I would like to reinstall also HSO but, in MySteinberg, there is no download button to do it.
I’ve my activation code (I bought it in 2012) but I don’t know where find it to download.
Thank for help me

it seems possible to download the last version but I think is not mine because this note:
Important: The installers available here correspond to the download version of HALion Symphonic Orchestra currently offered in our online shop. The original HALion Symphony Orchestra - distributed on multiple DVDs in a box only - is a separate product with a different range of features.

Any ideas about the possibility to recover my version?

You’re looking for the old VSTi plugin version which is here: HALion Symphonic Orchestra 1.5, however that’s only the VSTi and not the content. If you still have the Cubase 5 installation DVDs, the demo is on that and as long as you have the license still on your USB-eLicenser, it will work.

If you download and install the HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Instrument Set it shows up as a library in HALion Sonic SE and your license will also allow that to work. That download has the sample content, which is basically the repackaged 16-bit sample set of the original (the 24-bit sample set was never repackaged).

I would advise to move away from using the old VSTi even though it will work in the 64-bit version. The problem of course is that old projects that use it will not work without it … you’d have to adjust all your tracks to point to HALion Sonic SE and try to match the patches.

Thank you Mr Soundman.
I found my old Cubase 5 box (2009…) with the 2 Dvds HSO inside.
Do I’ll install on new computer the trial version on and activate with my serial number.

Its done.
Not from my 2 DVDs because a message about the original system too old to be installed today (2009…).
I downloaded the 6GB pack and now it works.
Thank you!

Great! The demo (Schubert’s Unfinished) is also on the DVDs … but you’ll see the problem when you load it. You have to remap everything and tweak it to get the sounds somewhat similar. New projects work well with the HSSE version though.

I only bought the HSO online, how can I get the hsb files? Your link above no longer works… I have requested support with steinberg, however they’ve yet to respond…

I found it! Turns out downloading the Steinberg Download Assistant has the files I need. Information for others looking for the answer in future.