Reinstall instruments, then link to existing samples

Hey folks,

I’m typing this on my re-born studio computer, now a Z690, i5-12600K running from a Samsung PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD. Should hold me over for the next few years… :wink:

But: How do I install just the instruments and point them to my already installed sample libraries? I don’t mind re-downloading, but if it could work without that, I’d be happy…


Use the Steinberg Library Manager. I have used it this week, had problems, Ulf helped me solve them, and I described it all in a thread :wink:
Of course, this is for Steinberg instruments (HALion). I suppose you have to re-install each “player” (Kontakt, Spitfire, VSL player) and show them where your samples are, at least once…

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Well, if I start Library Manager, it says “No Libraries found”…


But what happens if you try to open files like FCP_SMT_0xx_xxxxwhatevername.vstsound ? It should open your Steinberg Library Manager and the app should then “find” everything that is in that folder — all those similar files.

Aha! I did not know that…!


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