I am having problems importing audio files so my work around solution is to trash ( including the preference folder ) and then reinstall Mac Cubase LE A1 Elements 7 ( on the same computer ).

Will i have to re-authorize that “fresh” copy ?

And, do i in any way loose the number of re-installs ( on the same computer ) ?

Should i leave the USB elicenser plugged in during the installation ? ( I’m from old school where you advised to remove the dongle/usb before installing the software. )

I just stuck the dvd in and did a reinstall (or a repair), it doesn’t have anything to do with licensing.

As I understand it, you can put cubase on as many machines as you want, but can only run one at a time.

I guess there is a complete reinstall where you uninstall everything and start from scratch but that wasn’t necessary in my situation.

The stick holds lic info so shouldn’t have to re authorize or anything, wouldn’t hurt to remove it during the process, shouldn’t hurt but just to be safe.

Thank you for you interest in my question and providing me with your valuable information.

You may find the install process asks for authorization, which is on the dongle. So the dongle may have to be inserted to enable the install and subsequent activation. I think I had to insert the dongle when I installed the program on a second computer.

unless you purposefully messed with the installed files manually, I doubt re-installing will do anything to fix your import problem. Sounds like taking out the trash because you want to change the channel on the TV.

OK, i follow what you are telling me.

The problem i am having has to do with importing audio files into a project.

The very first time I imported an audio file it was located on an external firewire drive and there was no problems importing.

Now, every time i want to import an completely different audio file into a completely different project i get taken to that folder that contained the audio file on that external firewire drive.

When i try to pilot to that file i now want Mac Cubase Elements 7 crashes and a report gets sent to mother Apple.

Therefore i thought that if i reinstall the application it would forget the previous audio importing path.

Considering what you guys are telling me should i trash the entire preference folder located in the user Library/Preferences/Cubase LE AI Elements 7 folder and hopefully Cubase will forget the past path???

Or perhaps, I am not importing correctly.

At the moment i am simply using drag drop which works but is rather old fashioned and cumbersome.

So the drive you originally imported from is no longer available and that causes cubase to crash? That makes no sense. However, trashing prefs should set the search path back to the default when you restart. The only obstacle may be if the project itself stores it’s file search locations. I can’t remember if it does or not.

The external firewire drive i mentioned in my posting is still there and always running.

Actually I have 2 external firewire drives and 1 usb drive connected via a firewire/usb hub to my iMac.

I have audio files located on all my drives ( internal and external ).

Never had any problems with other DAW’s ( Digital Performer 8 or Logic Pro X ) importing from any drive even though they remembered the path i could pilot to a new location.

Since i can re-install the application without loosing my registration just in case something goes wrong I am going to trash the entire preference folder and hopefully the search path is set to default ground zero. Then i think i will use drag and drop audio files since it appears Cubase does not like to deviate from a selected path. Albeit, can’t recall that type of problem with my legacy Cubase programmes running in my PowerMacs.