Reinstallation and licence problems

I’m on the verge of despair.
After I couldn’t download Cubase Elements on D:, I downloaded it on C:\ (as recommended by Steinberg Support Team). Since there was not enough space on the HD, I had to uninstall programs, including Dorico Elements unfortunately.
After reinstalling Dorico, I 1) assigned a new number to the eLicenser using the elc-installation helper 2) reactivated Dorico with the new eLicenser number in my Steinberg account 3) downloaded and registered it in the eLicenser.
The eLicenser now displays a full license of Dorico Elements. I entered the activation code sent to me by email when I opened Dorico. Unfortunately, I get a message that this code is already in use and the procedure suggested by the help center as a solution to the problem would be again point 1) above.
I go around in a circle and now I have neither Cubase nor Elements.

Welcome to the forum, AndL. If you’ve already entered the Dorico Elements license into the Soft-eLicenser, and it shows as activated, then you should be good to go. Are you trying to run the same version of Dorico Elements as the license you’ve got activated? If, for example, your license is for Dorico Elements 3, you can’t run the new Dorico Elements 3.5 with that license: you would need a (small) paid update.

Thanks Daniel. That might be the solution. The elicenser only shows the licence of Dorico Elements 3

Then yes indeed, you need to download and install Dorico Elements 3, or buy the update to Dorico Elements 3.5.

Daniel, you were my savior. I will be eternally grateful to you. I downloaded version 3.5, not version 3. Now it works.

You’re very welcome! Sorry you were on the brink of despair to begin with!

Just again one question. Dorico is now installed on D:, as I indicated by myself. However, the installation of HALion Sounds was still done on C:. As I said, there is only little space on the hard disk and I’m afraid that I’ll have problems again if Cubase Elements installs files into this folder as well. Is there any way to avoid this?

You can use Steinberg Library Manager to move the sample content to a new location.

That’s good to hear. Thanks, will try my best