reinstallation Cubase

Lets present myself: my name is Liddy. At the moment I am an amateur singer, with the ambition to become professional one.
In january 2018 my husband bought me a Steinberg UR12 audio interface, along with a lot of other stuff to install my own music studio. Together with the Steinberg interface we got a free download for the programm CUBASE AI 10, which he installed for me on my old laptop computer.
Unfortunatly that laptop broke down, and with it of course all programs on it. I bought myself a new laptop with Windows 10 installed.
As my husband died in april this year, I wanted to reinstall the Cubase programm myself again. But I ran into a problem. The installation manual in the box on page 9 speaks of some kind of “Download access code” wich should be printed on a separate paper. But that paper with the code isn’t in the box anymore, and I can find it anywhere. So what now? As I have the right on a free version when we bought the UR12, I don’t want to buy a new copy in the store.
I registered my UR12 again on the Steinberg website, and made me a new account (didn’t know the data of the account my husband made).

Does someone know how I can get a new download of that Cubase? After all I want be the first one to be in this kind of situation.
Thanks already for your help