Reinstallation of Cubase

My hard drive is failing so I want to install and new one. Is there anyway I can down the latest version of my various products from the Steinberg site? I have a registered e-Licenser with my authorised software.

Most of my recent purchases were downloads from the online shop.

You can definitely download cubase anyway.I d presume the others too.Go into your account page and details should be there


I found Cubase in my account but not the other programs. You’d have thought you’d be able to download your software so long as it was registered.

what products?

Wavelab 8, HALion 4, Groove Agent 4 and some content sets.

get up to date content and other legacy stuff here: (ftp needs update@sb)

I know that there are “support” links for the ISO’s… ( but, i only know the ISO link for halion 5. sry) - fill out a support request in my steinberg for the remaining Downloads…

Thanks …