Reinstallation of Wavelab 7 update

I have a kicence for an update from W6 to W7. I can see the licence n my elicencer and it is lit and I’m assuming working.
I have rebuilt the DAW with SSD drives and I’m reinstalloing and updating every thing from scratch. Nuendo and Cubase reinstalled fine and found their licences on the elicencer but no luck with Wavelab. I’m assumming that when installing from the disk the elicencer should just pop up and activate W7, but that’s not happening so am I not understanding something or doing something stupid? Wouldn’t be the first time, been permenatally confused by this stuff since I sold my tape machines :wink:. Anyone set me straight? Take care, Logan

Never mind found the problem, unpluging the elicencer and replugging somehow allowed it to be seen. It’s all voodoo. Take care, Logan