Reinstallation problem - activation code used by another?

HELP…reinstalled cubase 12 pro and its saying my download access code is already consumed by another…any ideas please

The download access code is a one-time code and not needed anymore.

Just open the Activation Manager, login to your mySteinberg account and activate the Cubase license.

The activation code is a one time code to activate the software.
If it is activated, no activation code is needed anymore.
Login to your account inside the Activation Manager and activate your installation.
Everything required is stored in your MySteinberg account.

More information:

hi thanks for reply, im going round in circles here, I really need a chat with someone. Any idea if thats possible. thanks allen


Cubase 12 is not using the eLCC at all anymore. So you can skip this.

You installed Cubase Pro 12. Make sure, you are owner of the Pro edition.

Make sure, you signed in with the correct credentials to your MySteinberg account. The one, where is your license sitting, please.


So you are sure, you are owner of Cubase Pro 12, not Artist, Elements, AI or LE, right?

And you are sure you are signed in with the right credentials, right?

I guess he is not sure about anything.

hi yes im sure…it is cubase 12 pro

your right about that when it comes down to this…

You should open the Steinberg Activation Manager and show us a screenshot of the main page.

Like this: