Reinstalled C65, how do I find my "Generic Remote"settings?

Use the transport controls and some other buttons on my Yamaha KX-49. But since reinstalling C6.5 for a Windows reinstall, I cant figure out how to “re-import” them. Hitting the transport buttons does nothing…even though I can see that MIDI data is being sent to Cubase via the indicator in the transport panel. I created a “Generic Device” in the MIDI section of the “Device Manager” and set the MIDI input to my KX-49.

Is it in my old Preferences folder? I don’t really see it there. I noticed that u can also “export” an .xml file of desired settings (to import again later) but I don’t think I ever did that…just altered the default and that would load up every time.

Any ideas?


Yes, you should always Export all Generic Remote Devices (and Quick Controls).

However, you can try the following…

  1. Make a backup of your Preferences folder (you’ll probably want to make this copy your “real” Preferences folder again, once you have done the following steps.)
  2. Bring back your entire “old” Preferences folder (I think the Generic Remote settings are actually somewhere inside Defaults.xml).
    If we are lucky, this should indeed bring back your GRD settings (but there may be other anomalies in Cubase… don’t worry about that for now :wink: )
  3. Export your Generic Remote settings.
  4. Quit Cubase
  5. Put your safety Preferences folder back in place.
  6. Re-launch Cubase. You should now be able to re-import your GRD settings.

Good luck! :wink:

Ahh…good idea. THANKS!

I’ll let u know if it works or not. I didn’t want to drag over my ENTIRE pref folder before (not sure why…nothing special about having new/empty preferences) but I think I will now (after backing up my current/new).

So in other words, I can probably just drag over my old pref folder completely and leave it there…hoping GRD settings are there!


I don’t know your specific remote settings, but when starting fresh on a Win7 SSD install recently, I just copied the entire old preferences folder before starting Cubase. Everything was back like before!

Gonna try today when I get home. Should be fine…

However, can I drag my C65 preferences between x32 and x64? I want them to be the same, and I honestly used x32 more since I often had trouble with older Waves plugs in jbridge. I’m thinking my x32 preferences are more “developed” and was wondering if I can drop them into my new x64 now.


Grrr…didnt work :angry:

Probably easier to just set them up again (Im on a Yamaha KX-49, figured transport controls would work by default…); but I do have one last trick. I can still boot into my old W7 on my secondary drive. From there I should be able to go back into C6.5 and HOPEFULLY my settings are still set up as default. THEN I can export them somewhere…go back into my new W7 SSD boot and import in C6.5 there.

Alright so I’m an idiot…the Yamaha KX-49 comes with “Extensions” which makes it show up and customizable as a MIDI Remote in Cubase. Its is not controlled with “Generic Remote”

That said, I’ve followed the “Extensions” app properly and it doesn’t show up in Cubase :imp: I rebooted into my former Windows drive and saw that I DO see my “Yamaha KX” listed as a “Remote Device”.