Reinstalled Dorico for iPad and can't find my existing projects

I need help… I’m using Dorico for iPad, I’ve been having all kind of issues lately, it hides the chords when that option it’s not selected, it’s a pain in the butt for creating a slash region… slow etc… I don’t know why it’s everything so hard to do, I’m trying to update it, and I don’t find the way; I tried erase and download the app again, and it erased all my information, if you have to log in with an account that you already paid, like for instance iTunes … why I don’t see all my arrangements within my account?? Dozens of arrangements lost …. Could I get some help ? Does anybody what to do??? Can I get my info back somehow?

Can you describe what your settings are for displaying chord symbols? There’s a variety of ways it could be.

James, when you delete an app from your device, any documents that were stored in the application’s own storage area will be deleted. Your iPad warns you of this when you delete an app: it pops up an alert telling you that all settings and documents associated with the app will be deleted.

Recent versions of Dorico for iPad have defaulted to saving documents in iCloud Drive, so hopefully you will find in fact that all your arrangements are located in iCloud Drive. Use the Files app to look inside iCloud Drive and then inside the Dorico folder within: are all your arrangements there as you would expect?

I already did it, when I was using it before I erased it it said it was saving in iCloud Drive.
Now I having troubles to update the version 5 for iPad to 5.10
I’m trying to write and nothing sounds.
I’m really worry cause I have this big project coming up and I can’t even hear the sounds anymore.
I’ve been looking for help the whole afternoon and I couldn’t find the way to fix this issue. Now just that I have to re write the music but apparently the version 5 for my iPad which is a lifetime purchase it’s not upgrading and now I’m not able to hear anything that I try to write.
I really need help

If you’re not hearing any sounds on playback, choose Reset Sounds from the application menu at the very right-hand side of the toolbar, and that will cause the sounds to be reloaded.

Ok that worked out …thank you so much … now I can’t find the way to upgrade it from 5 to 5.10

Dorico for iPad is still at version 5.0 at the time of writing, and has not yet been updated in line with the desktop version.

Ok thanks for all your help, it has been really useful.