Reinstalled everything, looking for certain missing GA kit called 'Colorfast'

After a New Year reinstall of my whole DAW machine, I’m working through finding all my samples etc.

Does anyone know what pack the GA kit called Colorfast is in? File name of samples missing are FC11_Kit19_xxx

Thanks, Fiona

Colorfast came with the “Laser Beams” library. I’m not positive but I think this content might have come with some version of Cubase rather than GA5 (Works in SE as well)?

In the GA Browser see:
VST Sound\Groove Agent Content\Laser Beams\Audio Files\Kit 19

The samples are most likely in VSTSound archive:

Hi Brian, thanks for that… I’ll go looking for Laser Beams now.
Pretty sure I’ve downloaded Cubase 11 Groove Agent content, I’m guessing it came with an older Cubase version - I don’t think I have my old download/installs of Cubase though, sadly… I promise I’m now getting more organised with my libraries!!

It should be with Cubase 11.

I did a fresh install not long ago and it’s present on my rig.

I think there might be something strange going on with the GA5 install. They show some ‘updates’ for different SE content packs.

I remember having to piddle with some things to eventually get things to show up properly. I wish I remember exactly what I did, but it eventually sorted itself out as I tried removing and reinstalling all those SE related content packs and updaters in different orders.

Logic would dictate in my mind…do the regular packs first, then run the updaters?

Hmm, shall investigate…

Oooh! I had a brain wave - searched my PC for FCP_SMT_779 - found it in my old installs drive: Cubase_10.5_installer_win\Cubase 10.5\Additional Content\VST Sound\ GA SE 5 Kits Content\

Thanks for your help Brian!

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