Reinstalled Windows and Cubase. MIDI keyboard recognised but no sounds on input

Had to reinstall Windows. And Cubase. Everything seemed fine. Except that I have no sounds being produced when I hit the keys on my MIDI keyboard. (The keyboard features Cubase specific integrations). It appears under MIDI in the correct menu. If I hit a key on the keyboard, I get instant display from the “MIDI In Activity” monitor in the bottom right of the display.
However, none of the VST instruments produce any sound when keys are pressed on the MIDI keyboard. I get a sound if I use the keyboard built into the VST instruments but nothing from the MIDI keyboard itself.
Additionally, both Toontrack’s EZkeys and Pluginboutique’s Scaler usually display the current chord being played. Neither do at the moment.
I’m guessing that I snarfed up something in the reinstall but I’m darned if I can figure out what. :blush:
All of the standalone versions of the instruments (EZkeys, East West Play, etc.) works just fine, with no issues.
Would any of you smarter than me fellas please point me in the direction of a solution? :confused:

So, anyhoo - I got it sorted. It was under “Preferences.” Not sure how it got snarfed (I didn’t touch preferences during the re-installation) but it’s all good now.