ReInstalled Windows, LE5 activation and eLicence issues


Hard drive was becoming unreliable, so I replaced it and fresh-installed WinXP SP3 (yes, I know it’s ancient!)
Re-installed Cubase LE5 (as came bundled with my Zoom R16)

Since then I’m having problems. I have a USB eLicence dongle. Can’t activate LE5. Can’t install new eLicence software (as directed) as it requires a newer version of Windows. Can’t recover the eLicence without the newer software…
Unless I’ve overlooked something…

Please help!

I really can’t justify spending lots of money upgrading OS and software (in Australia its $$$) when what I owned worked perfectly well for my needs. I’m really a just hobbyist and simply want to get everything working like it was before the hard drive died.

I have found that I registered an activation code in 2011, and have that number handy.
I also found my used e-Licencer serialnumbers from the old hard drive

I can’t seem to make anything work with them. The activation code is “too old”
The process is all a bit confusing…

OK, so I found the archived XP eLicencer software and downloaded the last version and ran it.

It’s been stuck for 10 minutes at stage 1 of 6 as shown in the attachment. However it looks like LE5 is now licenced…

Seems like at quite a few points already, I have to ‘cancel’ a locked-up process… with any luck, all is good, but this is really clunky and confusing


I would say, Cubase LE 5 is activated. The first black item should be the license. I would expect, this license sits on the USB-eLicenser. In this case, you don’t need to reactivate it anymore.