reinstalling 6.5 and SSD discussion

I moved to a Solid state drive.
I reinstalled Cubase 6, and now I want the 6.5 version that I bought.
On the download page under 6.5 I only see the 6.5.1 hotfix, and to install that one you need an already installed 6.5
version…wich I cannot find?

How do I solve this?

Greetz Dylan.

You can download the 6.5 demo installer and use it.

It’s the same.

I’ll try that

1.9 gig? I just installed cubase 6, does that mea I have to un install that version?

Weird, the original 6.5 download was 760 MB (I always save and backup downloaded s/w updates etc.). I don’t think you need to uninstall, it will probably leave alone stuff that already was in 6.0.

BTW, isn’t there some kind of migrate function in Win7 to move all of C:\ to a new drive? I’m also thinking of moving to an SSD system disk…

Win 7 has two built-in options, but they aren’t very good. The first is Windows Easy Transfer, and is specifically for moving files and settings (but not applications) between computers (but you could use it for moving stufffrom your old system drive to your new one). It’s fine for capturing documents, projects, etc. but very inconsistent at properly transferring program settings. Cubase and Ableton Live both put a lot of stuff in the hidden AppData and ProgramData folders, and I’ve seen Easy Transfer just completely ignore AppData stuff for many apps.

There’s also Windows Backup and Restore, which ostensibly has the ability to save/restore images of entire disks, but when I experimented with it on a couple of my PCs, I never got it to successfully create a backup image… and its UI is so stripped down that it doesn’t give you ANY information that would indicate what the cause of the error was. I’m also not sure how it’s supposed to work in the disk replacement scenario, where you likely are moving to different sized partitions, rather than just restoring an image to the original drive.

I think it’s like this:

The original 6.5 download was an update (needed 6 previously installed).
The demo of 6.5 is the entire thing (doesn’t need 6 previously installed).

I used the demo installer on a computer without 6 previously installed and it is the full program.

I had a grace period because I bought cubase 6 in 2012.
I could still enter that via my asknet account, so it’s updated, thanks for the replies.

I don’t want to move existing files around, so I did a clean install on a new disk, I am going to make a mirror image via seagate’s disk wizzard. But if you have no seagate HD installed there are other freeones on the internet.
But that’s not the point.
I just install everything from scratch, I did that earlier this year so I kept a log with all my accounts and licenses.
It’s a bit of work, I think it will take me around 3 - 4 hours.

And moving to a SSD disk…Highly recommended, Cubase just pops up in no time. I toglle a lot between projects Wavelab and Cubase, so for me it’s a huge workflow improvement.

And just for fun, I put Cubase in the startup folder…result, booting up windows and starting Cubase…under 50 seconds…Boujah!! :smiley:

I also have now an additional HDD for projects including wavefiles and yet another for sample content and libraries.

I did some research and the best you can do is the Intel 3300 series. Also recommended by my PC builder who is specialized in pro Cubase systems. I got a 60 gig for 87 euro/107 Dollar. that was what my budget allowed me to do, I think a 120 gig will be better. After I am done the 60 gig will be more full then empty.

Greetz Dylan.

Hey, thanks for the info Dylan & UltimateOutsider! I probably shall go for a clean install, but it’ll take a bit more preparation… Surely, everything up in 50 secs sounds great!

Wel your system is 2.5 times faster then mine (according to benchtest), I work on a quad9500.
So maybe you can go under 50.

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: must be nice!

I don’t know about other SSD manufacturers but Crucial gives you the option of buying the SSD with a ‘Data Transfer Kit’ for a few extra dollars (you only buy this one time for possible future use). You connect the new SSD to your computer via a USB port, boot from the supplied boot disc and following the instructions clone your old drive directly to the new SSD.
This process also ‘aligns’ the data on the SSD properly for best performance.

I have my dual boot OSs on a Crucial m4 2.5 inch 128GB SSD and during the next week will be installing/cloning my dedicated sample HDD to a 256GB SSD, I don’ have a massive sample library so I’m ok for now with the 256GB SSD.

Loving this new technology :smiley: ,


Samples are on a 80 gig HDD here, would SSD also give better results in that area?
If that is the case…well then I move that to SSD aswell! And the cloning thing sounds awesome.

The benefit of having your samples on an SSD should be really noticeable in Cubase project loading times, and particularly with streaming samples.
I’ll find out more about that next week after installing the second SSD.


Yeah report back please!

Man I feel a bit childisch now but I have everything installed, booting up Cubase…13 seconds…Sorry can’t help it, I like this! :smiley:

just dont expect some lower latency achievement, its gonna stay where is if you had a decent pc before ssd. you are just going to work faster on a pc. mine is also like this, i work on ssd 2 years now. performance got much better even on a notebook.

The installation and cloning of my sample HDD drive to SSD went without a hitch. Now when I load a Cubase project with a fairly heavy Omnisphere multi and Trilian patches, plus Toontrack Superior 2 Avatar kit, the loading is over and done by the time the Project Page opens and is functional. A fraction of the time it took before :smiley: .

Now to save up for another SSD for my Audio (Cubase projects) drive and I’ll be totally solid state… :wink:

Very happy,