Reinstalling and Upgrade question

So I am having some strange behavior with 10.5 so I am considering either reinstalling or upgrading to 11. What is the best way to go about reinstalling or upgrading and can I maintain my preferences and key commands in either scenario? What else to I need to consider backing up or having to recreate with each option?

Thanks for your help!


To upgrade, just activate the upgrade license. Then install Cubase 11. Once you start it for the first time, Cubase 10.5 preferences would migrate to Cubase 11.

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Thank you. And how about if I want to do a complete unistall before upgrading to 11? How would I go about this and how do I save my preferences, key commands and templates?

Many thanks!


You don’t have to uninstall Cubase 10.5 before Cubase 11 update. You can keep both version.

Even if you uninstall Cubase 10.5 the preferences remains, so the preferences will be migrated to Cubase 11 too.

gotcha, but I was thinking to reinstall 10.5 regardless because I have some very strange things going on as I have documented in this video below, So I figure if I am going to update the system try giving a fresh start to avoid any other issues.