Reinstalling but can't find my box...

I have Cubase 7 Artist installed, registered and my USB dongle all works as it should.

Due to some troubleshooting, I want to perform a clean install using an ISO downloaded from Steinberg.

However, my Cubase 7 box (along with the activation code) is currently in storage. Though I can go and get it, it’s a bit of an effort to do so.

If I remove and reinstall using the ISO, is the already activated USB dongle sufficient to get me up and running? Or will I run into a problem if I don’t have my activation key to hand?

If so, is there any way I can get hold of the activation key before I scrub the system?



if you have the ISO images and the dongle, that’s all you need. Once Cubase Artist is installed, the eLicenser Control Center will recognise the license and allow you to run the software.
The activation code is not necessary, the license resides permanently on the dongle.

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