Reinstalling C12 Pro?

C12 Pro went down on me last year and I could never get it back on line…some kind of corruption going on?.
Since then I’ve been using C11 Pro which works perfectly. I’d like to do a reinstall of C12 but I’ve never done that before with any version. I was told a clean install would be best. What’s the best recommended way to go about doing this?

If you are on a Mac, I don’t know.

On Windows find Cubase 12 on the Start Menu, like you would if you were going to launch it. But instead Right+Click on it an select Uninstall.

Ok, I see that…what about any and all samples/loops that came with it?. If I have sessions that were created in C12, but now I’m opening in C11, will any of those files used be deleted?


On Mac you can just delete Cubase 12 from the Applications folder.

Am shared content and Cubase preferences remain on the system.

I’m on a PC, but if the shared content will remain I’ll give it a shot. Thanks