Reinstalling Cubase 11 on a brand new drive

Hi, i am a Cubase 11 Artist user on windows 11 and i am about to reinstall my whole system including Cubase 11 on a brand new m.2 drive. (because i did not have enough space on my previous one). So basically my plan is to copy all of my recent Cubase project folders on an extrenal HDD as well as reinstalling all of the vst plugins and instruments after Cubase is installed on the new drive. After i reinstalled everything i plan to use of course those older projects on the new drive. Should this method work properly with my older projects or should i extra copy folders like from Program Files or x86 ? I am a bit concerned that after the fresh new install of Cubase and all VST-s, my older projects will not sound the same as before. By the way are those older project folders keeping all the VST settings as well? Sorry for my grammar and thank you for your reply in advance!

Not sure is you’re changing you ‘entire’ PC or just the drive. If you’re just changing the drive and your system is working without issues there is no reason to reinstall everything from scratch. You can just clone your old system disk the new one.

If you exclusively use Samsung drives you can download the manufactures tool ‘Data Migration’ from their website.

If you have another brand included you can also use other freeware tools to do the same.

I actually want to switch the drive where i installed windows 11 (on this drive Cubase is also installed) and therefore i was about to reinstall the whole operating system. My current drive (which i want to switch) is actually a samsung one so i guess the data migration will be quiet practical in my case! Thank you for the tipp!