Reinstalling Cubase 11 Pro

Because of the hub locking up Cubase each time I start. This has been recently I want to reinstall Cubase 11 Pro. Should I be saving all the 64bit vsi and what else on a USB desk so I don’t have to reload all of them. Very frustrating. I try turning off hub but it seems to always turn back on when I start up.

I would try starting Cubase with disabled preferences first

Just reinstalling the Cubase binaries isn’t probably going to really help, unless something has really corrupted your files. But you can try it, it is simply uninstalling and the reinstalling. No need to save any vst plugins, but it is good practice do a full system backup of your computer regularly just in case.

Thank you for responding. I still ran into the same problem. I just chose reinstall from the Cubase downloader and problem was solved. Of course I forgot to save my shortcut keys so I’ll build the all over.