reinstalling cubase artist 7 upgrade?

I picked up cubase artist 7 upgrade. Had CLE4 and wanted to up grade. I uploded the software and all was fine. Then Bam out go’s my computer. I have picked up a new computer and have installed C7 Upgrade and did not install LE4. Software is doing fine but timer for the software will not stop counting down. What do I need to do to get this back to full use. Also LE4 activation code was on the E lic. usb. Now it’s not. Please help. :neutral_face:

Did you run the E license maintenance option?

It would have been stored in the soft eLicenser on your previous computer.

You can request a new activation through your mysteinberg account for LE4 but as it is old and you now have CA7, you are better to enter the activation key from inside the box (or what was advised from asknet) in order to change from the time limited demonstration version to the retail option.

You need to move the license from the soft e-licenser to the USB e-licenser, then download the upgrade license onto the USB e-licenser. Had you done that before on your old computer? If not Cubase Artist 7 will run on the 24 hour all applications license until the time is over. So then you have to re-install aund re-authenticate LE 4 and do what I wrote above.