Reinstalling Cubase E 9.5...

Hi people,
I had to uninstall Cubase recently but after doing the first install I kind of regretted that I didn’t choose an external drive for the content of HS and others. Like a lot of people, I guess, my main drive is smallish SSD so if I could save some space that would be cool.

Now, when I went to reinstall, I saw that you can choose an alternate location for said content. Does it work right? Do people have problems when doing so? I did a Google search and believe it or not I couldn’t see a clear answer about it, mostly for the Mac OS. Only saw people talking about workarounds on Windows. Is it possible that older version of Cubase didn’t offer that choice and that it’s a new option? Didn’t find any recent posts. Thanks

P.S didn’t do the reinstall yet, still investigating before going forward…


Of course it does.

Not really.

Cool. Thanks for your reply.