Reinstalling Cubase from scratch

I had to downgrade my Windows version, which meant deleting all my installed software. I have forgotten the initial process for reinstalling my Cubase Elements 12 so that, after downloading it in the Download Assistant, it tells me that no License is found. Where do I find this?


Did you sign in with the correct (same as previously) MySteinberg credentials into the Steinberg Activation Manager?

Yes. I think the details were still on my system - it went through automatically.

I can still not run Cubase. How do I solve this please?


Do you see the products in the Steinberg Activation Manager? Do you see the products in your MySteinberg account? Did you install the correct Cubase edition (Pro/Artist/Elements/LE/AI)?

I downloaded Cubase Elements 12, the version I own, along with the accompanying products such as Groove Agent SE. But it is not in my MySteinberg account, although it used to be. Activation Manager shows no licenses found. My software seems to have disappeared from Steinberg.


Are you sure, you are using the correct credentials?

In that case, I would get in touch with your local Steinberg support.

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You are correct. I had asked Steinberg in 2022 to update my email address but it seems they did not. I’ll ask again. This reply is from my old address account, which I want to delete. I’ve got Cubase working, but I’ll need to update Activation Manager to my new address account.