Reinstalling Cubase on a brand new drive?

I’m having some serious CPU overload errors with Cubase and I’ve decided to go ahead and just start with a brand new drive and get a fresh start with everything. I obviously will need to reinstall windows and cubase again but when it comes to licensing Cubase again on the new drive I don’t want to run into any issues. So is there anything that I should do with the current license that is running? Is there a way to “de-license” the one I have running first? Or does none of this matter as long as you have the dongle?

nope just load Cubase on your new OS with your dongle in place and all is good it works straight away :wink:

great, thanks!

I’ve reinstalled Windows and all necessary drivers and have also installed Cubase 7 again. I keep receiving the error that “no valid license is found.” I apparently need a new activation code since I already used the one that came with my software/dongle. I see in the support section that you can request a new activation code for every other piece of Steinberg software that exists, EXCEPT Cubase 7. I’ve emailed support, but wanted to see if anyone has any other ideas on how to fix this.

Does anyone know how I can get a new activation code? So frustrated. This is the situation I was trying to avoid.

This is exactly the problem I had, many random ASIO overloads and stuttering with Cubase 7.02 x64. I tried all the tweaks and fixes but nothing worked. I bought a new SSD and started over. The difference was night and day. No more ASIO overloads, no more stuttering, and much, much better overall performance. More instruments, more VSTs, more audio tracks, more automation, lower ASIO load.

If you have a Cubase 7 licence on your dongle you should have no problem so long as you install with the full Cubase 7 installer, not the update from Cubase 6.x installer. It’s a big download and I can’t find the link but I’m sure someone else has it. it’s been posted on this forum so it’s here somewhere. After that run the Cubase 7.03 update.

Before doing that I suggest un-installing what you have first.

I nearly trashed my drive to do a full software rebuild in the end there was NO need.
It was all to do with the pref file from 6.5 it was still sat on my system and I had not realised C7 was loading the old 6.5 pref file. My asio meters were maxing out and bouncing all the time. Now I have a perfect running system once again.
So make sure your old pref file from 6 is deleted or at least moved to the desktop then delete C7 pref file then restart and you should have no more issues

Have you updated the e-Licenser? :slight_smile: