reinstalling cubase on new computer

I’ve installed cubase 8 elements on a new laptop but I can’t activate it. The eLC won’t issue me a license for it because there is no cubase 7 to upgrade from. Please if anyone can help I sure can use it

Here ist the German Forum.

This could help.[keyword_search]=Reactivation

Thank you very much. That worked. My next problem is Halion or Groove agent didn’t come with the download, so I downloaded them separately and I can’t get either of them to work. Error message said I need a license (separate)which the eLC won’t give me and all types of files are missing. Headache.

Maybe you are trying to run Halion Sonic 2 or Halion 5, and Groove Agent 4. But Cubase comes with Halion Sonic 2 SE and Groove Agent 4 SE.

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My point exactly. Halion and Groove Agent should come with it but it didn’t so I tried to down load it but no good.
If anyone can help here’s the problem again. I bought a new laptop (so I could stop using my sister’s computer). I reinstalled Cubase Elements 8. No Halion, and no Groove Agent. What do I do now. Thanks everyone for your help, but I need more.