Reinstalling Dorico 3.5 in a new HDD

Hi, I purchased Dorico 2.0, and then I’m upgraded to 3.0 and finally to 3.5. A couple of weeks ago my hard drive died. I bought a new SDD HDD, and I was trying to install back, but I couldn’t succeed. I downloaded the Dorico 3.5 version from Dorico’s web page and tried the activation code from the 3.5 update… but eLicenser did not work. I tried installing previous versions of eLicenser with no good results… I tried installing into eLicenser the license from the original Dorico 2.0 that I purchase to then upgrade it, but eLicenser tells me that the code already has been used… Please help me to install back Dorico, I’m clueless right now.

IIRC you should be able to go to your Steinberg Account and reset the license.

If not, doubtless @dspreadbury or another member of the Development Team will be able to Private Message you a code or otherwise lend their aid.

Thank you very much Derrek, I was able to reset the license and now Dorico works… still having an issue because sounds libraries were not installed, but I’m working on those… thanks again