Reinstalling Fabfilter Pro Q3 in Wavelab 11

We uninstalled a buggy Fabfilter Pro Q3. It was not remembering its settings in saved montages when reopened. Flat line, no eq. And after new installation we are now experiencing major graphic issues. (The Pro Q interface graphic gets bigger every time we open it, totally insane. Does not respond to standard resizing suggested by Fabfilter.) When installing the new Pro Q, the install wizard asks where we want to install it. Does anyone know where it goes exactly? We installed into: C/Documents/FabFilter and also C/Program FIles/ Fabfilter. Neither worked properly. We uninstalled old installations every time. It is currently in C/Documents/Fabfilter/Presets. If anyone has heard of or experienced anything like this, I would love to know what the fix is. Mainly I want to know definitively where to install the plugin. Usually plugins know where they want to go when installing and you just click through, but this installer keeps asking where. Thanks so much in advance!!

regards S-EH

Thanks S-EH. Looks likes this will help managing the plug-ins once they are installed. Where should I first install the plug-in ? Originally when we first installed it we didn’t have to choose a location the computer did it automatically.
Thanks. -F.

Look at the third picture in above "Plug-ins Tab (Preferences)

Yes I think that’s is the best way or?
other than that I don’t know

regards S-EH