Reinstalling Loopmash, PadShop and Retrologue in 10.5 Pro on Windows 10 [solved, kind of]

Hello! I went to run LoopMash and it couldn’t find sound files. It gave me about 30-40 error pop ups for all the different files it couldn’t find. I have searched the drives and can’t find the files it’s asking about so think I need to reinstall. In PadShop it won’t load any new sounds - it just plays the same generic sort of sound no matter what patch I select. I think I caused these problems when I moved vstsounds from the C drive to the F drive. I have had the Media Bay scan the target folders and also had opened Library Manager in the folder to scan, but it doesn’t seem to be helping.

I have 10.5 Pro running on a Windows 10 box and I would like to reload LoopMash, PadShop, Rretrologue and maybe others with sound files installed to a particular location that I define since I don’t put vstsounds or samples on the C drive.

Can somebody help? Thank you

PS: In case it helps the error I get is The error I get says, “The soundfile could not be found: vstsound//F6ADB(NOTE THERE ARE A TON OF LETTERS HERE)/AudioFiles/120bpm-NDA 009.wav”. I looked for a file called 120 bpm-NDA009.wav and I also searched for 120bpm but no luck.

You have to use the “Library Manager” to move the files…

but it is possible to register the new locations

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Thanks for the quick response st10ss! I actually did go into the Library Manager and move files and found I even had to rescan to make the associated instruments appear inside of Halion Sonic SE as part of the exercise. In other words, I used the Library Manager, opened Halion Sonic SE, couldn’t see the instruments where I normally did. I opened one of the vstsound files with Library Manager and a little bar (I think green) went by as it scanned the new folders. Then, I could actually see the instruments in HSSE again. All that said, I am pretty sure I am the root cause of this problem for LoopMash, Retrologue, PadShop, etc. even though I am not sure what I did wrong.

At this point, I don’t know how to restore those programs so am looking to see how I could reinstall them and also select where the sound files go. I couldn’t find them in Download Assistant and don’t want to reload 10.5 if at all possible.

I shutdown Cubase again, selected a deity, then prayed mightily and guess what - it is working now for no reason other than shutting down and restarting Cubase once more. After subjecting me to an anxiety attack, I think the Cubase gods decided to smile favorably on us, no doubt driven by the empathic link st10ss generated while helping me. And for that I am grateful - thank you st100ss for all the direct and indirect help!