Reinstalling loops and samples but they don't show in media bay

I must’ve deleted them when I was cleaning up my hard drive now whatever I do I can’t get the tech house samples specifically to show because I used them most in last projects.
When I reinstall and relocate and point cubase missing files prompt (upon start up) to new files it accepts the relocation but it just won’t show them in media bay. Please help

Wow I fixed it. Instead of trying to relocate the samples I just deleted them from both library manager and download assistant and reinstalled and this time showed normally. I think the problem is Steinberg allocate licence files to samples so just moving the samples is not like moving general wav files around, best to uninstall and reinstall.

Edit: also I think important step is after deleting the samples launch cubase and when it prompts missing files click “remove” and then close cubase and reinstall them.


Media Bay will only show content for locations it scans. I’d suspect when you moved the content you didn’t set Media Bay to scan the new location. Then when you reinstalled the content the installation set the location to get scanned.