Reinstalling PC

Hi guys just to be sure:
I run a system with 5,5 TB storage but just 120GB SSD disc C: which I thought would be enough for operation system only. But windows are so ¨awesome¨ that it stores all the time something to C:/Users, Program files, Program files(x86) and Documents even though I have installed all to D:. This way happened that I run out of the space when installing Absolute VST Collection 2. I have tried many ways to route it to D drive but it doesn’t seem to work correctly. So I have bought a new 500GB SSD disc and I’m about to reinstall all new.

Is there something I should be aware of? Licenses are stored on eLicenser so I assume I don’t need to deactivate anything. Can you confirm, please? I don’t want to run into problems with licenses. Thanks.

One more question I have concerns VSTs. I’m new in this area so I’m not sure how to handle installations a correct way. I put all VSTs to G:/VST/64 or /32 to keep things clean but some plugins have libraries or patches and not always they install where I want or specific VSTs don’t see them on my disc. I don’t want to have plugins in C drive. How do you manage this to get things working and not messy? Thank you.


Hi Dan,

Your licenses are stored on the USB-eLicenser, right? In this case, it’s no problem at all. You can just re-install the software, and run it immediately. No activation is needed anymore.

If it’s possible (if you have enough free space), I would recommend you to keep the “normal” original installation first. Then, you can move the whole Absolute library to another drive (if you want to), and keep just alias files in the original position. This is the way, how to put the library to another drive.