Reinstalling V7.5.10 on new PC

I have been trying to reinstall my fully licensed copy of Cubase 7.5.10 on to a new PC after my under-powered laptop started to collapse under the load, and I have been having one hell of a struggle getting all the components to work.

My main installation of Cubase is now Version 7.5.10 (and Halion 5) in a PC environment - Windows 8.0.

The previous installation was all from downloads apart from the original installation of Cubase 5 Artist (on disk, which I still have), which has been incrementally upgraded through Cubase 5 (full version) all the way through to the current Version 7.5.10. The only other disk which I have is the version 7.0 upgrade from Version 6.5.

After much messing about, installing, uninstalling and reinstalling, it now all seems to be working more or less as it should, but I still seem to be missing a substantial number of track presets such as Accordion, Chromatic Percussion, Ethnic and Synth Comp plus, I think, various sub-categories.

Having valid licences and a dongle, I installed Cubase on the new PC from the Version 7.0 upgrade disk, then applied the Version 7.5 upgrade (download) and then applied the Version 7.5.10 maintenance release (download), but clearly that has not given me a full install. I subsequently downloaded the Version 7.5 full install ISO (all 6.8Gb of it) from the Steinberg website and attempted to repair my installation from that in the belief that this would find and install all missing files (which it told me was happening). But the track presets are still missing.

I know that the track presets exist because I have a parallel (or what ought to be a parallel!) installation of Cubase 7.5.10 on my other workaday PC (that one runs Windows 7.0, though I can’t see why that should matter) and I can see them there from within Cubase. But of course my other PC has all the previous upgrades in sequence dating back to Version 5.0 Artist still installed. I have never uninstalled anything there.

Surely I don’t have to go back and painstakingly reinstall all earlier versions in sequence from Version 5.0 to find the missing content, do I? I would be grateful for any advice on what I have to do to get my fully licensed version to work on my new PC. Migrating Cubase to a more powerful PC is hardly likely to be a rare event for its Users, or am I missing something obvious (like my fried brain)?

Incidentally I had a similar problem with HALion 5 but seem to have fixed that by installing the previous version HALion 4 and then reinstalling HALion 5. Again, both were downloads rather than disks.

No, you should not have to go back and re-install any of the previous versions of cubase unless you specifically want those version to exist on the machine as well. The only install you should have to do at all is 7.5.1, and at this point you might just consider removing everything and installing that straight from the download. All track presets that come with the software will be included in this install.