Reinstalling Wave Lab Cast

Hello! After updating Windows 11, Wave Lab Cast is not displayed in the eLicenser Control Center. I tried to restore it, it doesn’t help. Although the program itself works and does not ask for a license. I tried to deactivate and delete, then reinstall, but when I entered the code it says that this key has already been used. How can I reinstall the program with this key? And why doesn’t this program appear on my account? Everything was displayed before! Is it possible to deactivate this license if it is not displayed on the website and in the license manager. Along the way, my license number changed after reinstalling Subase LE 11. Subase LE 11 appeared in the eLicenser Control Center, but Wave Lab Cast did not. But the program itself works and does not require a license.

Check here…

regards S-EH

Recent versions of WaveLab Cast use Steinberg Licensing (the Steinberg Activation Manager application on your computer), not the obsolescent eLicenser system.