Rejoining flows after splitting

I get very confused in Insert mode when working in the middle of a piece. The end may be finished and shifting vertical alignments mess up the music well beyond the section I need to edit. So I tried splitting the flow to define the section I want to edit and preserve the following section as is. Now I’d like to join them back again. I could cut and paste the music back into the first flow, but it would be handy to have a Join Flows command. Is there one?

I don’t believe there’s such a rejoining command, no. As you say, your best option there is to copy and paste.

But it sounds like you might not need to split the flow in the first place. What sort of problems are you encountering? There’s improved handling of insert mode and such; perhaps there’s a better solution that doesn’t require splitting into two flows.

For example, you can easily insert a fraction of a bar now, or avoid messing up a meter change later in the piece… can you specify the issues you’re having?

I must admit, I am constantly frustrated by Insert mode. It pushes all following music on the current staff toward the end of the flow, right? Later music that is already correctly aligned becomes out of sync. If there was an option for Insert mode to affect every staff, so that things stayed vertically aligned, I would find it more useful. I am often working in the middle of a piece, with a completed section following.

Maybe the approach I need is inserting bars to create more time and pushing selected music around with arrow keys. However, this time I was stuck because of working in an X meter and not being able to insert more time (other post you answered). Then I’d never have to use Insert mode! There must be a way to think about Insert mode logically though :slight_smile:

For unmeasured music, in this case it certainly makes the most sense for you to insert beats as needed, then add or delete barlines, I think. In fact Dorico handles such changes quite well.

I rarely use insert mode, although there are certainly uses for it. Generally I use it for something like grabbing a selection of notes and doubling or halving their durations. But not much else.

Perhaps the distinction in this case is to point out that insert mode works for only one staff, not all staves at once. For that, you should add or delete durations using the bars popover or the system track.

Yes, I rediscovered Insert mode when I found the instructions on halving/doubling durations. Thanks for your help!