Related Questions About Changing Instruments

Good day. I am using NotePerformer on a new score. It’s mostly fine, but I’d like to change two things:

  1. VSL has a bowed thundersheet that I need in this piece. I can add thundersheet as an instrument in setup, but I don’t know how to tell Dorico to use the VSL sound I want. To complicate things, the sound in VSL can only be triggered by a specific note.
  2. Related question: I actually like the HALion strings better than NotePerformer. Is there a way to change just those instruments?


It is best to create your own Playback Template that includes both NotePerformer and Halion and set a family override for the strings to use Halion (look around for videos on how to do this)

The Thundersheet question I will leave to others as it involves triggering percussion (at which I am useless!). But in theory, create your Thundersheet instrument, add VSL to your VST play rack and set the appropriate routing for your new instrument… (thereafter I get lost, sorry).


Thanks. I will be begin looking into this.

The only thing you must make sure is set up is the percussion map (that you set by clicking on the VST cog, then double click the appropriate field in the window that opens). VSL does provide expression maps and percussion maps but I don’t know for this library (I don’t own it)
All the other information was perfectly relevant and accurate :wink:

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