relationship between Media Bay and Apple Files

Can someone explain the relationship between the Media Bay and Apple Files? For example, when I record audio into Cubasis, an audio file is created in Apple Files/Project Name/Audio. It doesn’t appear in the Media Bay unless I double tap it in Apple Files. Where does the new file reside? Is the file imported into Cubasis just a reference to the data in Apple Files? It seems that I can delete audio in the Media Bay without it disappearing from the project or Apple Files.

Also, what are the audio files created in Apple Files/Project Name/Audio/Backup? Can I delete them without altering the makeup of the project file?


Hi Mark,

recorded audio files are automatically saved with the project.
To create copies of such files, please open them in the audio editor (via double tap) and choose the “Save to media” option.


Thanks Lars.

I worked out that recorded audio files are stored at Apple Files/Project Name/Audio, but I haven’t figured out what the files in Apple Files/Project Name/Audio/Backup are, or if it’s ok to delete them or not. Is it? Also, recorded files don’t show up in the Media Bay unless they’re double tapped in Apple Files. Wouldn’t it be better to also have a folder in the Media Bay containing all audio files referenced in the project? Or am I missing the point about what the Media Bay is there for?

So if I copy a file from within the audio editor, this will create a new copy in Apple Files/Project Name/Audio, not the Media Bay? What if I trim an audio file in the audio editor? Will the original data be changed? Or just the file showing in the Media Bay? Or just the clip on the timeline?

It’s a pretty confusing system. A concise explanation of the data visible in Apple Files, the Media Bay and the timeline, plus what operations do to each would be very helpful.

Thank you