Relative volume of linked channels not being preserved

Cubase 9.0.30 64-bit; Windows 10 64-bit
Intel i7-6700 3.40GHz; 16GB RAM

  • Set two track faders to 0dB.
  • Link the two tracks, not using a VCA fader.
  • Use ‘Alt’ modifier key to set one fader at a lower offset relative to the other.
  • Turn the higher linked fader down to minimum.
  • Bring the same fader back up.

The offset between the faders is lost and now both faders raise identically to the same level.

I have tried this with Audio and VST Rack Instrument outputs and both are showing the same behaviour. If the lower fader is turned to minimum and raised again then the relative difference is preserved, but if the higher fader is turned to minimum and then raised the offset is destroyed.

Can anyone please recreate and confirm? I get the same thing on two machines here.

Hi The Elf!

Not exactly the data point you’re looking for, but maybe it’ll be helpful somehow, at least maybe it’ll bump your question into the “new reply” bin:

Cubase 9.0.twenty here (not .30) - I don’t see that behavior on my system. When I bring the higher fader up from negative infinity the offset remains intact.

Anyone else?

Thanks, Alexis.

I’ve now tried it out on four PCs, all on 9.0.30, and they all show the same bug. I don’t recall having a problem with it on 9.0.20, and I employ linked faders all the time, so at the moment I believe it was introduced in the latest update.

It’s a bit annoying, but my workaround it to use the lower fader to move the linked faders. When I forget it’s really annoying! Maybe adding a VCA will get around it too, but the last thing I need is VCA faders cluttering up my mixer.

I’m in the same Project in which I discovered this bug. I decided to use a VCA fader, which at first seemed to circumvent the Link problem. This time I had a huge crash. On reload all the VCA-linked faders have lost their relative levels.

The Link and VCA feature is very broken.

Knock, knock… Anyone out there?

Can I please get this bug registered for a resolution?

It’s a similar but not identical issue to the VCA problem. I will place it in the database.


These VCAs have been a bit of a weakling from day one, haven’t they? I can happily live without VCAs, but I can’t manage without my linked channels! Please, PLEASE for an early spot fix!!!

I don’t decide that. :stuck_out_tongue:

T’would be lovely to have an official response to the effect that it’s a recognised bug and going to be fixed. This really is tripping me up constantly…

I do a lot of good for Steinberg and I don’t ask for much in return.

They rarely give official statements to bug reports here, and I can’t make promises on their behalf.

I understand djw - I’m not having a go at you, my friend. I just would have thought I deserved better from Steinberg themselves. They know who I am…

Fixed in 9.5. Thank you.

I would still have liked an acknowledgement…