Release date?

Any idea when we can expect Dorico to be released for purchase? The wait is killing me.

I’m sorry that there’s nothing further to say at the moment other than Q4, which starts in about four weeks and ends in about four months!


they should of course release it on Dorico’s birthday (if it’s known…) :laughing:

Hi Daniel, and other members of the forum.

I have to say, regardless of the release date, with the shots I saw of the screen and notation of a score I have seen, this product is going to be really worth the wait! It is all exciting!
Great work Daniel and your team. What I saw looked really interesting. I saw a picture of a score that had been done in Dorico with no editing, and even then, just the layout and the legibility of the score in it’s default setting just looked just so good. Can’t wait to have this when it arrives. I think about it everyday!! So looking forward to it when it arrives! Yay!

Steve :slight_smile:

This is exactly how I feel. Cannot wait to click on the icon for the first time and see the software load and finally see Dorico in front of me…and start exploring!!! :slight_smile: