"release driver when application is in background" creates weird ghost midi input

so I have “release driver when application is in background” activated and sometimes, when I have switched applications and come back to cubase, it reproduces some midi input that came from one of my devices before I tabbed out.
Like I play some stuff, go look something up in the browser, come back, and suddenly an instrument track starts playing the stuff I played before.

Sometimes it starts several minutes after I switched back to cubase, which is particularly creepy. Sometimes it’s just one note, sometimes it’s a lot of input that is played back.

So turning off that option in Studio Setup → Audio System seems to fix the problem for now, yet I would appreciate being able to release the driver while outside of cubase and not being haunted while recording by some long gone phantom song I played before.

I’m kidding it’s more funny than really annoing, but it’s also really strange.

My setup:
Cubase 12 Pro
Win 11
Focusrite Clarett 8Pre ASIO driver
different MIDI controllers (AKAI, nektar, roland), happens with all of them


The answer is that you don’t need to enable Release Driver at all, since your Focusrite driver is multi-client.
The only thing you have to do is to match the sample rate in Windows audio settings and disable Exclusive Mode for these channels.
You’ll then be able to hear the audio from Windows and any program at the same time and without any limitation, and this is also valid for the inputs.
Say no to the Release Driver struggle !

How to do that :
Post explaining how to do the above.

I hope this helps.

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Haha, yes, say no to the struggle, you are completely right, that works and there should be no need to use it.

However — and I might be a bit superstitious in this case — my focusrite driver tends to crash. Sometimes it decides to just not work anymore. The focusrite is completely stable and all inputs and outputs work. But the driver doesn’t send anything to the device anymore. I can easily reset it by turning my focusrite off and on and the driver works again.
But somehow I’m under the impression — and I may be wrong — when releasing the driver it doesn’t happen that often.
But still, it’s way less annoying to turn the device off and on once a day or twice than having to listen to your own stupid playing around from 10 minutes ago all over again, so I’ll turn it off for good now.

Thanks & cheers

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You’re welcome !

You got a really weird issue here :sweat_smile:
Looks like the old MIDI input data is still stored in the RAM and something triggers it to get read all over again like you were playing live.
Never thought such a thing could happen.

In regards to the crashing drivers, how frequent is that ? Is the device powered all the time ?
This could be Windows suspending/resetting the USB connection, or some programs interfering with it.
In the worst case scenario, the device could possibly have an internal timeout bug of some sort, causing it to lose the connection, and that could explain why you are experiencing the crash issue less often when you enable Release Driver, because switching between programs actually resets it, so it may also reset that weird timeout.
Make sure the firmware and driver are in the latest version.
Such an issue isn’t normal.

Edit :
When you say “suddenly an instrument track starts playing the stuff I played before”, is that a random track that is not monitored, or the currently monitored one ?
In the first case it would be extremely concerning, and I think it would have more to do with corrupted files than actual settings.