Release of Mackie Driver in background

I use Motu’s Cuemix mixer software combining a Motu 896 MKIII with a standalone Mlan network (01X and I88X) on a Mac. The following issue should be platform irrelevant however…

Cuemix has a great feature which releases the Mackie driver when Cuemix is not highlighted (when the software is running in the background). This great feature allows a Mackie controller to control Cuemix when a Cuemix window is highlighted and return the Mackie controller to a DAW when the DAW is selected. In other words, Cuemix will share a Mackie controller with a DAW and any other software for that matter.

When using Cubase and a Mackie controller (I use the 01X and/or a Nanokontrol), Cuemix takes control of the Mackie Controller when a Cuemix window is selected, and returns it successfully to the system when another window is selected. But unfortunatly Cubase will no longer see the Mackie controller once it is returned to the system unless I reset its ports in the Cubase Device Setup menu.

Is there an option hidden somewhere in Cubase to make a setting to “Release the Mackie Driver in background”?

I know it is possible to set an option to release the Asio driver in background, but the ability to switch a single Mackie controller between Cubase and a soundcards mixer applications would be nice.

Device Setup-VST Audio System

I’m planning to buy a MCU for cuemix and cubase aswell.
Did it work out in the end?

Thanks, Matze!