Releasing file handles

Small thing but a bit of code hygiene that would be nice. If you have a video attached to a Flow, and say the video is on a removable volume, if the video is deleted from the Flow Dorico still is apparently holding onto a handle, because the volume can’t be unmounted (OSX, and presumably Windows too). The fix is to quit Dorico, but we too often have to quit an application to release an unused handle. When I work with file I/O my policy is to always fully release handles and purge references as soon as they are dereferenced.

Again small thing but thought I’d mention it.

Thanks for the feedback. So far as I know Dorico itself does release all file handles when closing a project, but perhaps the video engine itself does not. I’ll make a note to talk to the team in Hamburg about this at some point.

Great thanks - and small note this is when the project itself is being kept open. That is, once the user deletes a Video from a flow, to release the handle immediately. I have limited storage on this stupid Mac Pro cylinder, and it’s all noisy external thunderbolt chassis. I need to figure out a solution for this but in the meantime am attaching/detaching videos as needed.