Releasing the audio device when minimized

Will Dorico be able to release the audio device when minimized? Several times since I installed Dorico I have been fooled by not being able to hear audio from another program and was scratching my head as to why I couldn’t hear anything (including the tutorial demos about Dorico!) Then I noticed that I had minimized Dorico and thought that might be the cause - so I closed it down and lo and behold I could hear audio from other programs.

Have I set something incorrectly in Dorico or is this something that will be addressed in an update?

This is definitely something we plan to implement in an update.

I don’t even understand why Dorico is using exclusive mode in the first place. For any use case I can think of in a scoring application, the latency introduced by shared mode is totally acceptable.

Because the audio engine is inherited from Cubase. In a recording session you will never want to let go of the audio device, could have catastrophic results. But sure, a scoring application has other needs, that’s why - as Ben already said - it’s on our list for an update.