Reliably Focus LOWER Track list?

I’m using the PLE to take care of some serious import template automation. Bad things happen if Lower Track List isn’t focused before the automation kicks in.

Is there command I can program into my macro that will reliably bring focus to the lower list before the macro proceeds?

What do you mean by “Lower Track List”

If it’s split, maybe you can use a (unique) name filter

That’s right. After you split your project window by clicking the “divide track list” in the Project window, you can choose to select the window focus on either the upper or the lower of the track lists.

“Select” commands issued by the PLE do not affect which of the two track lists is focused - that is to say, manually focusing on the upper track list then having PLE select tracks in the LOWER list DOES NOT bring focus to the lower track list. However, there are plenty of Cubase commands, functions, and macros that produce different results depending on which list is currently in focus.

Is that what you mean when you suggest using a unique name filter?

What I’ve seen is focus for the upper or lower list doesn’t work as I would expect. I haven’t really researched it much, and I don’t use that feature.

But I think that if your PLE has uses a Name filter, and the name is unique to a single object in the project, I think it might be able to select the correct one.

Hello, I’m dealing with a similar issue but I want to select the Upper Track List.

A user was able to build a PLE to have a key command to insert a tempo node at the playhead (link below), it’s great but we use the divided track list with the Tempo track in the Upper, the PLE won’t work if the Lower track list is in focus.

Steve’s suggestion of using Name target didn’t work (it selects the track but doesn’t change the Track List focus).

Because of a few quirks with the tempo PLE I’m using a Keyboard Maestro Macro, if I add Divide Track List to the start and end of it I basically get a good workaround to make this work somewhat reliably

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