Reloading Track Templates

Probably really basic…I saved a template (I’m using 8.5 pro - I’m still trying to find my way around cubase, getting there slowly) for a recent project and was trying to work out how to start a new project using that template. I just can’t see it, I’m sure it easy.

Does the template save all the EQ and channel settings as well (again, I’d know this if I could work out how to load it!!) Obviously know I could reload the track, delete the content, rename it and go from there, but not the point…!!

Also, I have a new PC coming in a couple of days, where can I find things like these templates, preferences and, for example VST Guitar Rack presets (my own, not stock). Can I then load them onto new PC? If so where? I don’t have that many to worry about but am just trying to work out where everything is saved.

Thanks in advance.

Fist 2 questions answered, found it under “more” in the Hub!!:slight_smile:

Prefs, including Templates are here: “[user folder]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase [version]”. You should be selective about what you copy over. Some stuff is created by Cubase and is installation-specific. My own list is:

Defaults.xml - current Preferences, including colour (presets in folder Presets\Configurations)
Key Commands.xml - current Key Commands (presets in folder Presets\KeyCommands)

but there may be others, depending on how you work, what you use. Should be fairly obvious…

In My Documents you will also find (user) ‘VST3 Presets’ and ‘Steinberg’ folders. I save a copy ‘VST Presets’ for each old version when I install a new version, just in case there have been changes.

This KB article goes into more detail:[keyword_search]=Preferences

Hope I’ve not missed anything out. You will, of course, back up everything before you update it… :wink:


Thanks, I’m still pretty new to Cubase, but it’s all falling into place. One thing I definitely want on my new system is to have everything organized and easy to find. I’ll probably move over the 3/4 half decent projects, and this particular template, and start pretty much everything else from scratch.

I can’t find anything on my current PC, there’s so much stuff I don’t recognize but don’t want to delete, is a right mess!! But new system will be completely for (attempted) music production.

Thanks loads for your response. :smiley: :smiley:

You’re welcome. There’s stuff scattered all over the place, or at least that what it feels like sometimes. Just wait till you try to keep track of where your plugins have installed :smiling_imp:


Cubase re-writes at least some of the XML files in Prefs, like UserPreferences and probably Key Commands too, when it shuts down. If your shutdown should fail - or you suffer a crash - these files may not get fully re-written and I have come across the resulting howls of anguish on these very forums. So I religiously back up pref files the minute I change them. I have shortcuts to the relevant folders and from there shortcuts to the backup locations to make this a pain-free process (very important - we musos suffer enough for our art without self-inflicting even more :wink:). I also back up any other files, such as presets and templates, equally rigorously!

And yes, uncool though it may be:

Be organised; be very, very organised > :sunglasses: >

Don’t forget about FIle/Import/ Import from Projects. This effectively makes track templates a bit of a side issue. Using I from P, you can go to any project and import any track, making all your old projects a library. One thing to get into the habit of is orderly sensible track names.

I use the following:

the initials of the library CS2 = Cinematic Strings, VSL = Vienna Symphonic library, Om= Omnisphere, then the name of the patch.

This way you will find stuff as things develop