"Remaining" time when processing does not show any value

See the picture. I don’t recollect any situation where the “Remaining” field would show any value at all.

I can’t reproduce this. With what process does it happen, for instance?

Basically every time I render e.g. when Elapsed / Remaining is shown attached at the bottom of the screen (as seen in the first screenshot).
However when in a floating window (see this second screenshot) both info is shown.
time stretch.jpg

It looks like there is not enough room in the bottom bar section in your original picture, where there’s a vertical bar limiting the space. Can’t check at my workstation right now where this vertical bar is at, or if it’s there at all. Strange.

I was thinking the same way about that vertical line e.g. not providing enough space for showing the value…


You’ll tell me if that’s solved in the next version.

By “next version” you mean WL8, or WL7 update?