Remake of a 10 year old piece - with IK Sunset Studio reverb

I recently made some updates to a piece I first recorded at the end of 2009. It started out as a test track for getting guitar and bass tones in the studio I’d set up in the house I’d bought in 2007.
This year, I redid the acoustic guitar in the intro, and the electric lead and rhythm guitar. The fretless bass had been redone in 2017 and I kept that. The vocals are tracks I recorded in the original version of this, from 2009.
I’ve been trying to capture the lead guitar tone of a classic English rock band for decades. In 2016 I actually found a Hiwatt DR-103 amplifier for sale and got it, and in January or February 2020 I got a new Stomp Under Foot 1973 Ram’s Head Big Muff clone pedal that I used on the lead guitar.

I miked the acoustic guitar with a pair of small diaphram condensers as I usually do, but this time I did takes with two different Adamas acoustic guitars. I decided to keep them both and pan one to the right, one to the left, to widen the stereo spread a bit and give the listener the impression of sitting in a room in front of two guitarists playing the part in unison.

Also early this year, I got the IK Sunset Studios Reverb. I used that on the acoustic guitar, putting it in the Studio A room. I also used the Sunset Studio Reverb on the fretless bass. I just wanted a natural, airy sounding room ambience for these parts, so I didn’t use the echo chambers.

The strings at the end are the Arturia Solina V. I absolutely love the sound of the Solina.

I used a different drum kit on this new remake. The song now has a kit from the Superior Drummer 3 Rock Warehouse SDX on the drums.