Remapping drum pads MIDI notes

I’m trying to use my Alesis DM6 electronic drums to trigger the drum pads in Cubasis.
However the DM6 does not allow me to change the MIDI Note value that is transmitted.
How can I re-map the pads in Cubasis to respond to different Note values?

Right now some of the pads are mismatched with the electronic kit, oddly enough in Garageband, the pads do match the kit

Hi 642carl,

Having loaded an internal Cubasis drum kit, the edit function within the pads’ section allows to re-assign the available drum instruments of the kit.
Available MIDI notes are fixed values coming with the loaded drum kits.

Cubasis’ MiniSampler comes with lots of great sounding factory drum kits, plus allows to create own instruments including free mappings.
Please check if this option helps to solve your issue with the Alesis DM6.


Thanks Lars,
I was trying to modify the AM drum kits to respond to different MIDI note values, but it seems they’re fixed.
I might be able to solve my issue by creating a custom drum kit using MiniSampler…

Is there a way to copy/clone one of the AM kits so I can save my changes, rather than having to save each sample to mediabay and then build a new kit from scratch sample-by-sample?


Hi Carl,

Please note that the MiniSampler houses sixteen AM factory drum kits.
As of yet, there is no option available to copy or clone MicroSonic kits to different formats.


Hi, Lars,

I see this is an older thread, but I hope this post catches your eye.

I have just purchased a Cubasis 3 for my iPad. I wish to trigger the various Cubasis 3 kits with my Roland V-drums, but as noted in this thread, Cubasis appears not to allow for this.

in Cubasis 3, I can call up the pad view, tap edit, tap the Cubasis “pad” I wish to change and then select the sound I wish to change it to.
However, when you change a Cubasis drum pad sound from, say, a crash cymbal to Tom1, It only changes to the tom sound when you tap the Cubasis drum pad. When you hit the actual V-Drum tom drum pad, the crash cymbal sound still plays. That is because, although the SOUND of the Cubasis drum pad has been reassigned, the midi NOTE NUMBER of the Cubasis pad has not been reassigned.

Is there a way in Cubasis 3 to reassign midi note numbers?



Hi recordingnoob,

Thank you for your message.

Is there a way in Cubasis 3 to reassign midi note numbers?

Please re-assign the MIDI note numbers in the V-drum hardware used.
As an alternative, you might use the MiniSampler to create your own drum kits.