Remapping Midi Note values for Pads?

I own the full version of Cubasis, I’ve connected my electronic drum kit via MIDI and it recognizes it and allows me to play the pads, but I need to re-assign the trigger MIDI note numbers for the pads to match the kit trigger values.

What I need is to be able to re-route the MIDI IN data in such a way that certain MIDI notes always trigger certain pads no matter what note is assigned to play on a specific pad.

Each of the drum kits in Cubasis assigns different GM MIDI Drum notes to the pads, this is fine, but I need to globally override this so that MINI IN note XX always triggers pad #1, MIDI IN note YY always triggers pad #2, I don’t mind setting this up individually for each kit, but it needs to be persistent in the app so I only have to do it once.

Hope that makes sense. anyone have suggestions on how to accomplish this, or alternate solutions?