Remapping Yamaha TF5 to Cubase AI (16 ports)

Just installed the Cubase AI (9.x) that came with my Yamaha TF5.

I understand that AI only supports 16 Audio In/Out Ports but the TF5 has 32 channels.
AI defaults to using TF5’s channels 1-16.

How do I remap the VST Audio System to use specific TF5 channels.
For instance, I want to record TF5 channels 1-4, 9,10,13,15,22,23, etc.
Next time I might want to record different channels, and I don’t wish to re-wire the TF5.

Select the desired device ports in VST connections.

Thanks, but Don’t I need to activate and make visible channels 17 thru 32 first?

Only TF5’s channels 1 thru 16 show up in the VST Connections window. In the VST Audio System window, the TF5 1 thru 16 show up as Visible and Active. but Channels 16 thru 32 show as Invisible and Inactive. I thought I should be able to change their Visibility and Active states in the VST Audio System but don’t see an option to do that, neither left-click or right-click has any affect.

Dnt know bout the visibility part, but Device ports show as “active” as soon as they are connected to a.cubase bus in VST connections